Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's up for today?

Our daily schedule fluctuates more than it should, I think. In order to establish more structure and to try to get more accomplished, we're trying a new schedule. That means I won't be on the computer in the mornings, except to check my Etsy shop for new sales or convos. The computer consumes my time like my kids slurp down a smoothie! I guess I'll get the hang of this schedule thing eventually. But I hate it See ya after lunch! MMMMMmmmm, vegan stuffed peppers from last night. (yelling to the kids) "Hey guys! It's already 9:55! Get up and eat lunch!!"

I'll have to blog about our new semi-vegan lifestyle. It's complicated and worth a whole entry by itself. Maybe I'll post recipes that work for us. Then maybe I can invite others to do the same. I don't know enough about this blogging stuff to know what's going on yet.

For instance, this cute little scoutle guy walking everywhere. what's the (181) that was on it this morning? And where is he now? Seems like their service might be down.

Gotta get some coffee. Be back when my fingers have time to fly...but I HAVE to make some jewelry first. (clenching teeth) I have to discipline myself to do that BEFORE computer time.

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