Sunday, November 20, 2011

Online Exploring Handmade Holiday Shopping for handmade with your holiday purchases!

While checking your list and planning your purchases for the holidays, you'll be missing out if you don't head over to Designs by Debi's Exploring Handmade Online Holiday Shopping Event. Currently in Day 5 of a parade of incredibly talented artisans in a variety of crafts and handmade businesses, you will be treated to a nice, well-rounded offering of what's available as an alternative to big box stores, and impersonal gift offerings. Like me, the artisans represented put heart and soul as well as intense thought and design into everything they make, and most often can also personalize or customize for your intended recipient. Buying handmade shows that you value the cottage industry of artisans worldwide, and votes for that value by placing your gifting budget with those who benefit directly from your thoughtful purchases! So, please...take a look and brace yourself for an eye-opening experience. Gift yourself! Vote for Main Street this Holiday season! Make sure you check out each day of the event, and glance back at the previous days. You won't be disappointed in the talent and accomplishment displayed!