Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gift Certificates available in my Etsy shop

OK guys and girls, I know there's some of you well-meaning folks out there who are very busy, like me, and who still need to do Valentine's Day Shopping. So I have an answer to all of your gift-giving woes -- for ladies, that is.

I'm offering Gift Certificates in my Etsy shop in various denominations -- $25, $50, $75 and $100. Any combination of gift certificates can be spent like cash in my shop.

When you purchase a gift certificate, you will receive a .pdf from me with the numbered certificate by email, and my assurance that your purchase will be handled with the greatest care and for the greatest satisfaction of your intended recipient. I have over 53 items listed in my shop (including treasuries of earrings and bracelets), and can also do custom orders to your beloved's exact specifications. If you'll check my feedback, you'll see that I have happy customers on 3 continents. I will also ship your beloved's choice within the United States for free, and internationally for $5 (seperate listing, make sure you put that in your cart, too.) That's the same deal I'm offering in my shop for shipping.

So browse today. Your loved one will be thrilled to receive THEIR CHOICE of items from my shop. No guesswork on your part, and no stress. Just print the Gift certificate and enclose it in your card, that you gift them on Valentine's Day. Hope yours is a happy one!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jaspers by any name are just as sweet!

leopardskin jasper and poppy jasper from The endless variety and beauty of semiprecious stones gives me a lifetime of possibilities for creating jewelry. One of the broadest varieties is Jasper. My most recent Jasper creation is with Leopardskin Jasper, Poppy Jasper, and handmade Copper coils. And here's what I found out about Jasper, specifically, Leopardskin Jasper...

From Wikipedia, "Jaguar Stone" :
Jaguar Stones are created from a type of mineral known as Leopardskin Jasper -- an opaque tan, brown, and ochre form of impure quartz. This variety of Jasper is most often found in South America, and gets its name from the leopard-like spots covering its surface. The term Jaguar Stone has also been known to refer to stone carvings of jaguar heads created by the Ancient Maya. Not necessarily made out of Leopardskin Jasper, these Jaguar Stones can still be found in Maya temples, including Chichen Itza in modern-day Mexico...
leopardskin jasper and poppy jasper at
... As one of the oldest known gemstones, Jasper, in all its varieties, has long been thought to have positive mystical properties. Natural healers recommend its use as an aid in the self-healing process. Jaguar Stones specifically have been associated with shaman travel and spiritual discovery, helping their bearers traverse between worlds in order to gain spiritual growth. Among believers, a popular practice is to display a sphere made of Jaguar Stone prominently in the home to promote the flow of positive energy. Also, wearing Jaguar Stones is said to be important to the 1st, 4th and 7th Chakras, and Jaguar Stones are often moulded into jewelry.

And I just thought they were pretty! (I don't give a whole lot of time to the other stuff, but I thought the history was interesting!)

I have two other Jasper listings, one for brown Sesame Jasper with Bronzite and brass, and one for Minty-Green Sesame Jasper. Stop by my shop to take a look!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A bouquet of new listings for Valentine's Day, or any day

labradorite and blue aventurine at laurastaley.etsy.comValentine's day is coming! time to get something special for your sweeties! I've been a busy little critter around here. Finishing 6 new sets since January has left me with a LOT of make-up postings to do. I'll try to post two a day, and dare myself to stay ahead. Gotta continue to create, so the inventory doesn't get stale. To get a sneak peek at what's coming up on my blog, check out my Etsy shop, here, or click on my mini in the right column...

Eeney-meeney-miney-moe, which to pick first? Here's a new favorite design, one I created with labradorite slices and blue aventurine.

labradorite and blue aventurine from laurastaley.etsy.comWere they dyed? probably, but these are semi-precious stones, and not gems. They're put together in these combinations for their beauty as they are, as part of an overall design. So, hope you enjoy what you see! I think this one looks surprisingly light and airy, in spite of the chunkiness of the stones! If you're familiar with Labradorite, it's a rather plain-looking stone until natural light shines on it and BANG! Blue lightning seems to flash from within the stone! Gorgeous! I paired it with the blue aventurine, which exactly matches the glimmering highlights in the Labradorite. Antiqued brass findings harmonize the piece, and the tiny swinging blue pendants that adorn the set add playfulness and fun. I might make one of these for myself!
tourmalinated quartz and onyx with silver at
The next set features a combination of stones I've had in my drawer for a couple months. I kept looking at them, putting them back, looking at them, then I just started "feeling it" one day and this set is the result. Ever have that kind of experience? These beautiful Tourmalinated Quartz beads and pendant look drop-dead gorgeous when paired with silver, foil-lined "e" beads and onyx. Also known as Black Rutilated Quartz, this quartz stone contains "rutiles", or needle-like inclusions, of black tourmaline.
rutilated quartz and onyx at
What do you think? I think it's a keeper! I especially like the small donuts that were so easily filled with onyx. I can't stand it when I see donut beads with wire running through them -- might as well NOT even use those if you're not going to highlight them somehow. OR, use headpins with flat bottoms and leave the donuts empty. That gives the eye a little to consider. Anyway, like I was talking to a fellow jewelry designer the other day -- the elements can be beautiful, but if you screw up the design, that's all anyone will notice anyway. Design will always be just as important as materials.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I won! I won? I won!

Look what I won!

Tara, over at YouniquelyChic held a contest recently for the best "true story of romance in your life," and I won! Check it out, here.

I've had the pleasure of browsing Tara's shop, ( Her work is not only beautiful, but distinctive. She has an eye for color, and is skilled at jewelry design. Her prices, like mine, are very reasonable for her kind of work. If you purchased something for your Valentine from either of our shops (I know, shameless plug there), I know that you would look incredibly thoughtful, intuitive and demonstrate extraordinary taste! (So what are you waiting for, Christmas? It's Valentines in 11 days! Get to it!)

So for anyone who likes romantic stories, has one to tell, or just likes to read how nicely things can turn out, skip on over to Tara's Blog (promise you'll come back) and read all of the responses to her contest. They really make you believe in happy endings. As for my story, which you can also read, the best is yet to come...


I received my necklace set today (Feb. 5) and am VERY VERY impressed! If I had purchased it, I would have been a very happy customer. The workmanship is superb. The joints are perfectly executed, and the piece is strong, yet delicate in design. It would have been money well-spent. But I won it! Yay!!

Tara's work at Youniquelychic is both a great value and great buy. Her attention to detail and design sets her work apart from most handmade jewelry. If you give her a chance, you'll be pleased, as I am!