Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GRRRrrrr. Frustrating.

Getting my kids to do their schoolwork is like herding a brood of chickens. The minute I lose my focus they're UP and GONE. Why does this happen? It's painful when you realize that they are not as motivated to learn as I am to teach them. Sometimes it's hard to be determined to keep going. We tried lightening things up this morning by playing dominoes, practicing multiplication by stating the product of the two numbers on the tiles as we were playing them. It disintegrated into bickering. (sigh) I wish they'd get along better. Sometimes we can't even play games without someone picking a fight, and the other jumping in, defensively. Sheesh.

Well, in the meantime, we had lunch. Bean burritos. Mixed 3 cans of pinto beans with onion, garlic chili and cumin powder, a bunch of salt, and blended them into oblivion. Then we heated them up in the fry pan, and glopped them onto fat free flour tortillas lined with cheese. drizzled a little enchilada sauce, and faster than you can say Mexican hat dance, we had Taco Bell style bean burritos on our plates. They were actually pretty good. I guess the stuffed peppers have to wait until tomorrow.

So what's for dinner, mom?

I have to blog our current dietary struggle. Try to picture my older son, picky eater#1, coming to grips with vegetarianism when he would rather have chicken wings. To break them into it, I do try to have a baked or broiled meat along with whatever else we're eating. I feel like a short order cook at the Waffle House. "hold the oil, here!" "No onions there" Then I try to feed my youngest son, 2 1/2 years old, but he won't eat ANYTHING that we have sometimes. Mostly rice, fruit, cereal, peanut butter and jelly, and the rare veggie for him. He's very difficult. I suppose that hunger would take over and he'd start to eat what we do, but he's always been small and just getting him to eat has been a struggle. He's 28 lbs now, and short. He looks well-rounded and is rarely sick, so I guess we're doing ok.

Maybe we can get back onto the schoolwork, but I think I've lost them. Somebody's outside in the glorious weather squirting a hose at the window. Maybe we need a nature walk.


Blessings Abound said...

Yum, your burritos sound like something I should try! My kids love bean burritos.:) I took a look at your Esty shop and I adore your work!

Laura said...

Thanks so much. I'm going to try to post the recipes that work for us, esp. with our vegan lifestyle. I need somewhere to store the ideas we come up with!