Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog design

Wow, I really feel out of my element with this blog! It'll take a while to get the hang of it. So far, as far as computer stuff I've done digital scrapbooking, ebay, Etsy, I have a profile on Cafemom, and emailing. Now as of this week I have an entrecard that I haven't dropped yet (haven't figured it out), signed up with Scoutle, made my own blog, figured out how to put those cute little square block thingys on my blog, and advertised with Project Wonderful for my Etsy site. I'm cyber-spaced out!

Along the way, I've made some new friends. I was really impressed by Lauren's designs were simple, elegant, and classy. Kind of like a massage for the eyes, which you need after spending too much time on the computer. I figure that if I can get people to ahhhhhh, when they hit my blog, then they'll look around, check out my Etsy listings, and look at my ads. Maybe they'll even join my followers list, because they want to come back and look at the beautiful template that she created. If I was a graphic design student today, this is what I'd be doing. back in "my day," we had to mock everything up by hand. Pagemaker was just a cute little word processing program. Hey, it wasn't THAT long ago. It was before Al Gore invented the internet, though.

Well, today I found out that Lauren is having a contest and giving away a blog template! Not that I want anyone to go over there and enter, but, really, you should. At least you should check out her designs, and look around for a while. Make a few comments while you're there. Get the flavor of the blog. What a nice place.

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