Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We have a WINNER!!

A few days ago I announced a contest to name this necklace that I'm submitting to the Blockhead Radio Live Artisan's Challenge, which begins again on March 23. Check out the comments on the post to see all of the GREAT name suggestions that people offered. It was a hard choice, but I have picked the one that resonates most with me, and what I was thinking about the necklace when I made it.
I chose "Indian Summer" by Susan, of Hot Rocks Glass Jewels.
Susan said...
The first thing that struck me were the warm tones that this necklace evokes, with the reds and copper. So what came to mind was "Indian Summer", which is the warm Autumn weather that occurs after the first frost, usually September or early October up here in my neck of the woods. Good luck with the contest, it is a beautiful necklace!

Thanks, Susan! Movement, texture and color are all very important to me when I design a set, and when everything comes together as I think it should, the result is a pleasant feeling of confidence and satisfaction.
In appreciation for her excellent name for my necklace set, I'm giving her a pair of earrings similar to the ones in the set.


Hot Rocks said...

Thank you so much Laura! I am absolutely thrilled to be the recipient of your lovely creations. Glad you liked the name.

Laura said...

You are welcome. Thanks for your input!