Monday, October 6, 2008

Custom work is a challenge, but worth it!

When I saw this Karen Hill Tribe Silver butterfly it nearly took my breath away. My oldest daughter's personal mascot has been a butterfly for just about her whole life, as she's a social butterfly that flits here and there, lighting on whatever strikes her fancy. I also like the metamorphosis imagery as it pertains to children growing up. Because she is the same person she was when I held her in my arms for the first time, lips smacking in the silence of the night, but she's different. And she will be a different person as she matures into womanhood,but she'll still be the same.

On her 16th birthday I wanted to make her something special. The butterfly idea kept coming back to me, and I was sure of it when I saw this gorgeous pendant. I chose her favorite colors, lilac, fuchsia, sea foam green, and combined them with black to make a bold statement of style, growing up, my little girl, and my momma's heart. I'm so proud of the person she's becoming. I just had to post this, because I really liked the way the whole piece developed, and I decided to list pictures of it on Etsy, as a custom order. I will probably not be able to get these beads again anyway, so it will remain a One of a Kind, but I can most definitely come close to it, if someone would like a set for their own butterfly, or for themselves.

Custom work is a challenge, but worth it. I think the key is seeing the necklace exactly like the customer sees it. If you can effectively communicate your vision for the piece to the designer, then you'll be able to get pretty close in terms of the supplies available, the designer's vision, expertise, and skill level, and the ultimate conclusion -- your one of a kind treasure. For me, the communication process if fun. Getting to know someone and walking in their shoes for a while is sort of a detective game. Making the pieces, of course, fills me with anticipation. It's almost like Christmas! The nerve-wracking part is when it's presented to the customer for approval. That's when self-doubt sets in! I nervously wonder if I got it right, and if they'll decide it was worth the time. So far, so good. It's been a wonderful process. When the customer is satisfied and we've concluded the deal, then I get an amazing feeling of satisfaction, like the glow after Christmas morning, when all the wrapping has been put away, and you get to admire your loved ones loving their gifts. That's why I like handmade so much. When you give a piece of your heart, it's like your heart grows fuller, and larger, and ...stronger. Sound corny? Then maybe you should try it! You might change your mind.


Silver Canyons said...

Absolutely gorgeous, is all I have to say!!
I love Karen Hill Tribe Silver myself and am a huge butterfly lover!
your designs took my breath away too!

Kerrie Slade said...

Just beautiful Laura, your daughter is a very lucky girl!

Duni said...

Hi Laura!
just wanted to let you know that I think your jewelry creations are amazing.

Laura said...

Thank you everyone for such kind words! I enjoy creating my jewelry, and it's really nice when other people like it, too!

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Very pretty!

I love giving handmade gifts for special occasions too. It is so fun to see the "collections" my family is starting to have with all of the things I have made them over the years!

2 If By Sea said...

Hi Laura! You've been tagged!

Liz said...

How beautiful your work is and your picture show up so nicely

Bless said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for passing by my blog.

Wow! I am amazed by your jewelry collections. They are very lovely.