Monday, September 21, 2009

Tentative custom bridesmaid necklace

custom red aventurine mix bridesmaids' necklace with copper-dipped maple leaf on Well, the jury of one (my beautiful bridal customer) is out on this one, which is a mockup of a brdesmaids' set for her upcoming November wedding. I posted the materials previously, and here's the next step.

The glorious fall colors make a beautiful statement in white, yellow, peach and red aventurine with the Maple leaf; it's studded with carnelian, and highlighted with sparkly copper spacers and goldstone.

The earrings will be clusters of the aventurine, with tiny copper seed beads and copper maple leaf charms, woven onto perforated bead discs like the Scarlett earrings and the earrings that matched my tulle bridesmaids' sets.

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ocelot_eyes said...

Wow!! This would be a great necklace for Canadians everywhere :) Beautiful!