Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I won! I won? I won!

Look what I won!

Tara, over at YouniquelyChic held a contest recently for the best "true story of romance in your life," and I won! Check it out, here.

I've had the pleasure of browsing Tara's shop, (youniquelychic.etsy.com). Her work is not only beautiful, but distinctive. She has an eye for color, and is skilled at jewelry design. Her prices, like mine, are very reasonable for her kind of work. If you purchased something for your Valentine from either of our shops (I know, shameless plug there), I know that you would look incredibly thoughtful, intuitive and demonstrate extraordinary taste! (So what are you waiting for, Christmas? It's Valentines in 11 days! Get to it!)

So for anyone who likes romantic stories, has one to tell, or just likes to read how nicely things can turn out, skip on over to Tara's Blog (promise you'll come back) and read all of the responses to her contest. They really make you believe in happy endings. As for my story, which you can also read, the best is yet to come...


I received my necklace set today (Feb. 5) and am VERY VERY impressed! If I had purchased it, I would have been a very happy customer. The workmanship is superb. The joints are perfectly executed, and the piece is strong, yet delicate in design. It would have been money well-spent. But I won it! Yay!!

Tara's work at Youniquelychic is both a great value and great buy. Her attention to detail and design sets her work apart from most handmade jewelry. If you give her a chance, you'll be pleased, as I am!


Youniquely Chic said...

YAY!! you featured me on your blog...
thank you so very much!!
you rock!!

Hot Rocks said...

I enjoyed reading your story! Congrats on winning this lovely piece!