Monday, August 2, 2010

Ariel's treasure lost but now found...

custom orders for sea shell necklace laurastaley.etsy.comThis necklace was a custom creation commissioned by a pretty lady in Texas for a beach-themed formal event. The trick was to make flowers, but keep it beachy. So, why not use beachy to make the flowers? I was up for it.

The natural beauty and colors of these shells and coral are what makes the necklace. They're showcased in all their glory, and highlighted by gold, czech glass and recycled "sea glass" beads. These beads are not sea glass, but recycled glass designed to LOOK like real sea glass. They're also available in cobalt, which is a very rare sea glass color, and very beautiful.

The conch-like shell at the bottom is wrapped around the top with glass and pearls to tie it in with the focal "flower" and gold heishi plays hide-and-seek with different loose beads for extra sparkle. Closeup photos of this necklace set can be viewed in my "sold items" portfolio in my Etsy shop, here.

sea shell flower necklace at
I really should take the time to learn the names of these beautiful shells, and go to the local shell conventions that showcase and sell these treasures from the deep. I'd like to use them in future creations. The textures and colors are striking, and will be sure to start conversation wherever they are worn, don't you think so?
sea shell earrings and necklace set

If you are interested in a creation all your own, please contact me through my Etsy shop, click "Request Custom Item" or this link.


storybeader said...

it's beautiful and looks so nice on the "model." So much detail to look at!

Catherine said...

This jewelry is just beautiful!! Your terrific! Blessings, Catherine