Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cloisonne captures the imagination...

Two different strands of cloisonne beads just LEAPED into my hands during a recent trip to my favorite bead shop (River City Beads) here in Jacksonville. They have a whole wall full of them, and I need to go get more. I never stopped to consider the particular beauty that they possess. Sure I knew that wire is soldered onto a metal base, and that enamel is painted into the resulting voids and then fired in a kiln, but I had never really considered the jewelry possibilities beyond a couple pretty beads on a strand, accented by solid-colored beads that would complement their color. I have considered getting a nice selection of these to attach to bookmarks and hair sticks. But Jeude, the owner, had mocked up a few bracelets, and I was just captivated.

You can find these beauties in my shop right now. I'll be adding more in the future. They're just too pretty to not revisit in another color scheme, very soon!

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