Monday, April 20, 2009

Blockhead Radio Artisan's Challenge --VOTE for ME, Please!

leopardskin jasper poppy jasper hand wired necklace Blockhead Radio Live is holding their Artisan's Challenge, and this week one of my necklaces was selected to compete! Please VOTE HERE! Every week 60 different artisans face off in 12 different categories to see who has the best handmade item. The weekly challenge is the previous weeks winners in each category. The winner of the weekly challenge will receive an audio commercial with banner the following week on BHR. "Indian Summer" features leopardskin and poppy jasper alternating between leopardskin jasper necklace laurastaley.etsy.comhand-made copper wire spirals. It is listed for sale in my Etsy shop, here. I wish they'd picked another photo to represent the necklace, but maybe it was me who uploaded the wrong one. Here are a couple of other photos so you can take a good look...

Coming are YOU keeping your business going during this slower period in sales? Want to sound off on how you're making a difference in your bottom line? I'll have interviews and more information coming soon. The great benefit of featuring someone in my blog is that their success and experience can add to my own. When we share our ideas, together we have two. Let's put our heads together and see if we can figure out how to sail these often frustrating waters until the economy picks up again!

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